• Image of Black Widow #TeamAlmighty CapStone
  • Image of Black Widow #TeamAlmighty CapStone

#TeamAlmighty(Pyramid)- The "Almighty" belong to the group of divine rulers. Individuals who are "Almighty" tend to be master builders. The "Almighty" know and understand that the foundation of any structure is as important as the pinnacle. The "Almighty" are lofty, disciplined, strong-willed, egocentric and highly magnetic. The "Almighty" are the remnants of a forgotten past and the key to unlocking one's divine consciousness. Only the "Almighty" are aware of there position within the universe.

Material: 100% Cotton
Style: Structured High Crown Flat Brim Snap back
Color: Black/Red
Flat and Raised Embroidery

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